The Jewish Communities of the Marche region, located along the eastern Adriatic coast of Italy, have a very old history, though not many Jewish heritage sites are left today.

Our itinerary will take you through a region that was at the centre of the Papacy’s temporal power and of all the struggles, alliances, and their many and sudden shifts unparalleled in any other of the Italian regions. As a proof of this, only in the Marche you can see engraved in the main piazza of every hamlet, village, and town epigraphies proudly stating how they got free from the Church’s temporary oppressive rule.

Nevertheless, you will be able to visit Jewish heritage sites: in its capital city of Ancona, in very famous places like Urbino, but also in quite remote areas travelling through the wonderful landscapes of this small region dotted with lovely medieval and Renaissance villages and towns and their beautiful natural surroundings.

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